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Rincon, Puerto Rico

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

Mike & Eli

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Created 27-Sep-16
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Mike & Eli

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Surfing 2009

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Teaching Children with autism to surf

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danielle and dom

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Created 8-Nov-16
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danielle and dom

Guestbook for Joseph Guagliardo Photography
I am so impressed by your works. I know the difficulties in covering the private events, which are done indoors, which usually lacks the right amount of lighting. But, even then, you have utilized the available resources very well.
No video or photo of fighting at the beach please. haha
Dawn Cross(non-registered)
Love your surfing photos awesome ! You guys have really cool waves :) Will check out more of your work .
Prodigal Son Photography
Awesome surf shot.
I honestly did not know the surf was tha good on the east coast.
Great shots
The guestbook is empty.